Chef Academy of New York have a team dedicated to finding you the right job after successful completion of the course.We are very proud  to say that all of our students in both Italy and London are all now working as professional chefs.

Because of the way we train you, you are already at an advantage in comparison with other graduates. They don't have the live training experience that you will have gained during your training. If you ask any Chef in charge of a professional Kitchen, he/she will almost always choose the person who has some 'real experience'.

You will have trained inside some of New yorks most sought after Restaurants, how many people can say they have trained at Le cirque or Junoon?

We have lots of contacts worldwide, so if its your dream to travel and work, we can assist with that too. Or if prefer to stay in NYC, we will make sure you are working right after you have finished the course. How many colleges or schools do you know that can offer this fantastic opportunity?