Oktober fest: From Munich to New-York

Oktoberfest ended the 5th of October in New-York after 2 weeks of the Münchner festival.
The event took place on the river side close to Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, offering to its visitors the Brooklyn skyline with some dj sets and shows, especially organised for the occasion.
The Bavarian event has been transported from Munich to New-York to replicate the gastronomic experience that Münchners live every year since 1810. Indeed, Oktoberfest traces its origins back to the wedding of the King Ludwig 1 and his wife Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.
Just for the anecdote, the celebration has lasted a week and half after having been postponed 178 times because of health issue on one hand and because of political issues on the other hand, back-atthe-time.Mostly known as a festival where you can try the world's greatest beers, you can also discover another culture and and a traditional German food, such as the famous and well-known
However, there are today some organizations which profit of that big rally to bring to that festival some products unknown from the original event. This year, Oktoberfest has shared a week with a
product that New-Yorkers are crazy about: the oyster.
For many decades, New-York inhabitants have developed a passion for that mollusc. During that week you could go in several restaurants of the megalopolis to enjoy your oyster with a mere pint of
At Chef Academy, we encourage our students to participate to that kind of events related with gastronomy and their professional chef trainings. This is the occasion for them to discover new
cultures, new products, new tastes! But above all, this is the opportunity for them to understand that tradition and products and dish authenticity still persist in the gastronomic field. Those are basics that we try hard to teach at our chefs academy.
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