Advanced Professional Chef Course (700 hours)

The first part of this course is 100 hours of development training with our executive chef, starting from the basics, covering all the kitchen sections and skills you need to know in order to enter a professional kitchen. Following this is 250 hours in one of our restaurant partner kitchens, training with the professionals . You will learn in all of the sections of the kitchen following our programme that covers everything. After this, you will have 100 hours training in advanced techniques, this will prepare you for the final stage of the course, 250 hours in a Michelin star restaurant partner kitchen. This course gives a fantastic insight to the different techniques used on many different levels and different types of cuisine.

we don't have dates as we need to wait to process New York educational State department application first.
If you wish to have a course soon, we are happy to accommodate you in our London school.


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Location: New York

Duration: 6 months / 700 hours

Fees: $ 23,000


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