Professional Chef Course - Italian cuisine (400 Hours)

This course is designed for students who want to become professional chefs specializing in Italian cuisine. The objective of the course is to prepare students through practice into the kitchen. During the first 75 hours of the course, students learn and improve their knowledge and skills in all aspects, from the basics to the more advanced techniques. The program will cover all aspects of Italian cuisine, including traditional and innovative cuisine.

The second step is 250 hours of training that will take place in one of our Italian partner restaurants. Here, students will broaden their culinary imagination, and particular attention is given to the nutrition, taste perception, developement of the  recipes and presentation of the dishes. This course is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to gain the necessary experience that will strengthen their desire to be a successful chef in an Italian kitchen.

we don't have dates as we need to wait to process New York educational State department application first.
If you wish to have a course soon, we are happy to accommodate you in our London school.

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Location: New York

Duration: 3 months / 400 hours

Fees: $ 14,000


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