Why You Should Choose Chef Academy of New York

Chefs are artists. They are creators and inventors. Although the most proficient chefs use their creativity and intuition to make some superb dishes, they must first learn the fundamentals to be successful. Choose Chef Academy of New York to begin a journey into the exciting world of culinary art.

At Chef Academy of New York, you will be provided with unparalleled training to perfect these skills. Taught by the most accomplished chefs, students are offered a variety of classes including a professional chef course, an advanced chef course and a professional chef course in Italian cuisine. These courses not only teach cooking techniques, but allow the students to learn the basics of working in a professional kitchen.

Choose Chef Academy of New York and be included int the elite program, which is not only professional, but internationally recognized. Founded in Italy and eventually bringing another academy to London. Now, Chef Academy has come to the United States. Chef Academy of New York is among the most reputable of cooking schools. A pleasant and warm atmosphere allows future chefs to cultivate their knowledge while they are introduced to new techniques, management of a professional kitchen and live training with professional chefs.

Working in the restaurant industry, especially as a professional chef is not an easy job. It take patience, organizational skills and extreme dedication. For the applicant who embodies these qualities, Chef Academy of New York is a fast-paced set of courses that allows the student to quickly and efficiently learn the skills to enter the industry quickly with the knowledge they need to be a success. Graduates will be able to enter the field immediately with training received at Chef Academy of New York.

Students at Chef Academy of New York are able to work in the kitchen with Michelin starred chefs. With hands on training and a unique training, Chef Academy of New York offers practical courses under supervision of New York's best chefs. This will give students the tools to begin work as a professional chef as soon as their training has ended.

Where chefs are concerned, job satisfaction is key. Hours are long. Chefs work in a hectic, hot environment. They get up early and stay up late. They must know about food preparations, working with vendors, food safety regulations, and how to adapt to any given situation. Working as an assistant in a kitchen in order to move up can take years. Becoming a professional chef, graduating from a certified program and acquiring hours in the kitchen during your time at Chef Academy in New York will allow the student to step directly into the role of the master.

With contacts worldwide and a strong relationship with restaurants and chefs, Chef Academy of New York can help the aspiring chef to reach their full potential in a short amount of time. With the type of training students receive, they will complete their courses with vast understanding of how to operate their own professional kitchen. Exiting the door of the academy, graduates will hold the confidence needed to thrive in the restaurant business. Choose Chef Academy of New York to make your culinary dreams a reality.

Chef Academy of New York

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar la apertura de nuestra Academia para Chefs en el centro de New York! Es un placer formar más chefs profesionales y facilitar su adaptación a cualquier tipo de restaurante.

Nuestros cursos de alto nivel están pensados para destacar y mejorar todos los aspectos de una formación completa.


Chef Academy of New York

Chef Academy comenzó en Italia en el año 2007. A continuación, abrió en Londres en 2012. Debido a la alta demanda y gran éxito, ahora estamos ampliando a los Estados Unidos. Somos una de la academia de formación profesional de cocinero, chefs de pastelería y Gerentes de restaurantes.
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