Chef Academy – Train with the professionals to become a professional.

Chef Academy was founded in 2007. After huge success in Italy, we opened our first school in the UK, located in central London. Now we have landed in the USA, ready to train the next generation of Professional Chefs!

Our aim is to train our students to become professional chefs. We offer an effective practical training scheme that gives our students all the tools and skills to start a career as a professional chef. All of our course start with development training to take students through the basics of cooking and the professional kitchen to build a foundation of knowledge. During our courses, students train in the kitchens of our famed restaurant partners with the professional chefs. Students experience working in a live professional kitchen and get an inside view of the restaurant business. Students deal with every aspect of a chef’s routine, from the choice of fresh produce to the balancing of food costs. Students learn all the techniques required to start working right away. The most important aspect and why we believe we teach in the most effective form, is that you are learning from the professionals in a professional environment. We are the only school that offers this kind of training and this is the reason that our students have such a high success rate.

We are currently offering the following courses: Professional Chef Course, Advanced Professional Chef Course and Professional Italian Cuisine Course. You can find more information about these courses on our courses page. What makes us unique is that we can discuss what you would like to achieve and skills that you may already acquire and create a customised course that suits you perfectly.

After completing one of our courses, you will have all the tools needed to start your career immediately. You will be HACCP certified and have your Chef Academy Diploma. You will know your way around the kitchen with confidence and have all the techniques to allow you to enter a kitchen as an active member of the brigade.

Here at Chef Academy, we want the best for the future of our students. When you finish your course, a member of our careers team will provide you with career counselling. We strive to find the perfect job for you and arrange interviews for you to attend. We currently have 100% employment rate for all our students.

Have a look at our range of courses on the courses page to see more information. We are happy to discuss tailor made courses depending on what you would like to achieve and what knowledge you may or may not have. Get in touch with us today to talk to one of our advisors and start your dream career!

Join us at Chef Academy of New York! We are ready to teach the next generation of professional chefs!

Chef Academy of New York

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar la apertura de nuestra Academia para Chefs en el centro de New York! Es un placer formar más chefs profesionales y facilitar su adaptación a cualquier tipo de restaurante.

Nuestros cursos de alto nivel están pensados para destacar y mejorar todos los aspectos de una formación completa.


Chef Academy of New York

Chef Academy comenzó en Italia en el año 2007. A continuación, abrió en Londres en 2012. Debido a la alta demanda y gran éxito, ahora estamos ampliando a los Estados Unidos. Somos una de la academia de formación profesional de cocinero, chefs de pastelería y Gerentes de restaurantes.
Si necesita más información, póngase en contacto con uno de nuestro equipo hoy.
1180 Ave of the Americas, Rockefeller Center - 8th Floor, New York - NY 10036