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Professional Chef Course

Chef Academy of New York's main objective is for our students to learn the art of cooking and provide a professional platform to learn whilst out on the field. You will learn a number of skills during your training, these skills will be the key for you to begin your professional chef career.

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Cookery Educational Workshop

Assimilating the chef’s knowledge and learning their secrets will give the students the best opportunity to step into the restaurant world with the skills and confidence required to begin their professional chefs career.

Cooking courses

Understand the restaurant business

Meetings with the owners, supervisors, chefs and companies involved in the food environment. Those who deal directly with the production, distribution and control of food. All essential aspects of the catering industry.

Cooking courses

Job Opportunities

Chef Academy of New York provides important and beneficial work references. Our careers team will help you gain access to the professional world of chefs and start your career. We are proud to say that we have a 100% employment success rate.

Job Centre

Our Schools

Chef Academy was founded in Italy. After a huge success in London, we opened in New York. Plans are currently in action to open a new school in Dubai.

Our Schools

Restaurant Partners

Chef Academy work with large variety of critically acclaimed restaurants in and around New York. From a range of different cuisines, we will find the perfect restaurant to suit your training needs.

Restaurant Partners

Advanced Professional Chef Course

This course is a great way to learn about becoming a professional chef at the highest standard. You will train in four kitchens from top level fine dining to michelin star level.

Advanced Professional Chef Course

Welcome to Chef Academy of New York, the cooking school that helps you become a professional chef!

"One of the best cooking schools in New York with a selection of culinary programmes, intense courses and live chef training."

Cooking Courses

Course Objectives

Chef Academy students train from a professional platform to gain the experience required to become a professional Chef. We offer a number of courses with an excellent program that covers all sections in a professional Kitchen. We also offer bespoke courses, so whatever your aspirations are we can suit your requirements. 

Our students have the opportunity to train with New York's elite Chefs in some of New York's best restaurants up to Michelin star level. Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be ready to begin their professional chef career. Our team with provide all of the assistance required from writing their resume to arranging interviews and preparing them for the interview. 

Chef Academy is recognized internationally, Our first School opened in Italy, we then went on to open in London and we are opening two more Schools this year in China. 

Our diplomas are accredited by ASIC (Accreditation service for international schools, colleges, and universities) all of our diplomas are superior level and are recognized worldwide, this means the student can travel and work anywhere in the world.

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Chef Academy Diploma

Chef Academy New York diploma's are issued once the student has completed their training and passes a written assessment. We strive to support the student in their studies and will prepare them for their assessment, which is based on everything they have learnt so far.

Accreditation service for international schools, colleges and universities

Why Choose Chef Academy New York

Chefs are artists. They are creators and inventors. Although the most proficient chefs use their creativity and intuition to make some superb dishes, they must first learn the fundamentals to be successful. Choose Chef Academy of New York to begin a journey into the exciting world of culinary art.

At Chef Academy of New York, you will be provided with training from New York elite Chefs to perfect their skills.students are offered a variety of courses from our professional chef course, advanced chef course and a professional chef course in Italian cuisine. These courses not only teach cooking techniques but give the students the opportunity to gain the experience whilst training to have a full understanding of how a professional kitchen operates.

Choose Chef Academy of New York and be included in the elite program, which is not only professional but internationally recognized. Founded in Italy and eventually bringing another academy to London. Now, Chef Academy has come to the United States. Chef Academy of New York is amongst the most reputable of cooking schools. A pleasant and warm atmosphere allows future chefs to cultivate their knowledge while they are introduced to new techniques, management of a professional kitchen and live training with professional chefs.

Working in the restaurant industry, especially as a professional chef is not an easy job. It takes patience, organizational skills, and extreme dedication. For the applicant who embodies these qualities, Chef Academy of New York has a fast-paced set of courses that gives the student the opportunity to quickly and efficiently learn the skills to enter the industry quickly with the knowledge they need to be a success. Graduates will be able to enter the field immediately with the training received at Chef Academy of New York.

Students at Chef Academy of New York are ready to work in the kitchen with Michelin starred chefs. With hands-on training and a unique training, Chef Academy of New York offers practical courses under the supervision of New York's best chefs. This will give students the tools to begin work as a professional chef as soon as their training has ended.

Where chefs are concerned, job satisfaction is key. Hours are long. Chefs work in a hectic, hot environment. They get up early and stay up late. They must know about mise en place, working with vendors, food safety regulations, and how to adapt to any given situation. Working as an assistant in a kitchen in order to move up, can take years. Becoming a professional chef, graduating from a certified programme and acquiring hours in the kitchen during your time at Chef Academy New York will prepare the student to step directly into the role of a chef.

With contacts worldwide and a strong relationship with our restaurant partners and chefs, Chef Academy of New York can assist the aspiring chef to reach their full potential in a short amount of time. With the type of training students receive, they will complete their courses with a vast understanding of how to operate their own professional kitchen. Exiting the door of the academy, graduates will hold the confidence needed to thrive in the restaurant business. Choose Chef Academy of New York to make your culinary dreams a successful career.

Chef Academy of New York

We proudly introduce our Academy for Chefs opening in New York! In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, we are ready to teach you how to become a professional chef and how to adapt to any type of catering environment.

Our programs are of great value and are oriented to highlight skills, custom techniques, team management, and much more!

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Chef Academy of New York

Chef Academy began in Italy in 2007. We then opened in London in 2012. Due to high demand and huge success, we are now expanding to the US. We are the one of the leading professional training academy's for Head Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Managers.
If you require any further information, contact one of our team today.
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