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Professional Chef Course

Chef Academy of New York's main objective is for our students to learn the art of cooking and provide a professional platform to learn whilst out on the field. You will learn a number of skills during your training, these skills will be the key for you to begin your professional chef career.

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Cookery Educational Workshop

Assimilating the chef’s knowledge and learning their secrets will give the students the best opportunity to step into the restaurant world with the skills and confidence required to begin their professional chefs career.

Cooking courses

Understand the restaurant business

Meetings with the owners, supervisors, chefs and companies involved in the food environment. Those who deal directly with the production, distribution and control of food. All essential aspects of the catering industry.

Cooking courses

Job Opportunities

Chef Academy of New York provides important and beneficial work references. Our careers team will help you gain access to the professional world of chefs and start your career. We are proud to say that we have a 100% employment success rate.

Job Centre

Our Schools

Chef Academy was founded in Italy. After a huge success in London, we opened in New York. Plans are currently in action to open a new school in Dubai.

Our Schools

Restaurant Partners

Chef Academy work with large variety of critically acclaimed restaurants in and around New York. From a range of different cuisines, we will find the perfect restaurant to suit your training needs.

Restaurant Partners

Advanced Professional Chef Course

This course is a great way to learn about becoming a professional chef at the highest standard. You will train in four kitchens from top level fine dining to michelin star level.

Advanced Professional Chef Course

Welcome to Chef Academy of New York, the cooking school that helps you become a professional chef!

"One of the best cooking schools in New York with a selection of culinary programmes, intense courses and live chef training."

Cooking Courses

Course Objectives

Chef Academy students learn the art of cooking from a professional platform to gain experience in the field. We offer bespoke, practical and effective courses that focus not only on teaching the main cooking techniques, but also teach the meaning of what it is like to be a chef working in a professional kitchen.

Our students have the chance to train alongside New York's best chefs, from top level fine dining to Michelin star level, in the kitchens of their restaurants. They will be ready to start working immediately after the successful completion of the course. They will have all the practical and theoretical skills to confidently enter a professional kitchen.

Chef Academy is a prestigious school that is internationally recognised. The Academy was founded in Italy and due to huge success, another school was opened shortly afterwards in New York, which is amongst the most reputable in the USA. Graduating at Chef Academy will give you access to the professional world of cooking. Our certificate is internationally recognized by IAO (International Accreditation Organization) which gives students the oppurtunity to take their career into international territory.

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Chef Academy Certificate

Chef Academy of New York is a prestigious and internationally renowned educational institution. Every day more and more candidates are keen to enrol for one of our highly professional courses, Chef Academy of New York is one of the most acclaimed educational establishments in London. We are proud to provide quality courses and prepare the best professional chef's  in the industry!

Our school is internationally recognised by ASIC (an accreditation service for international colleges) this enables our students to pursue a career throughout the national or international territory.

Chef Academy Institute

Chef Academy of New York offers an effective and practical training program that gives our students all the tools to start a career as a professional chef. During our 400 Hour programme you will be followed by one our chef trainers and will have the chance to get an insiders view of the restaurant business.

You will deal with every single aspect of a chef's routine, from the choice of fresh products to the balancing of food costs. You will learn all the techniques you will need to start working right away, but the most important aspect is that you will be taught by professionals in a professional environment.

Our students learn the ropes inside New York's Michelin starred restaurants, under the guide of the restaurant's Head Chef. We are the only school that offers this kind of training and this is the reason why our courses are so effective. Once you have completed your training you will not only have acquired all the skills you'll need to work as a professional chef but you will also have gained all the requisites to work in a professional environment.

Chef Academy of New York

We proudly introduce our Academy for Chefs opening in New York! In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, we are ready to teach you how to become a professional chef and how to adapt to any type of catering environment.

Our programs are of great value and are oriented to highlight skills, custom techniques, team management, and much more!

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Chef Academy of New York

Chef Academy began in Italy in 2007. We then opened in London in 2012. Due to high demand and huge success, we are now expanding to the US. We are the one of the leading professional training academy's for Head Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Managers.
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