Doctor, please, tell me which oil is good for me?

This is really trendy to find new cooking oils or to criticize the ones we've always been using. Polemics are made and some oils are disowned or skipped. Any professional chefs has his own idea on the matter. Nevertheless, 2 criteria have to be taken in consideration when it comes to choosing your cooking oil: the taste and the smoke point. Today, we want to clarify this point.

The two properties you must check when you buy your oil for cooking are obviously the taste, as every oil has a different one, but also its smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature the oil can handle before to loose its delicious taste and benefits. The best choice is to select an oil which is high in saturated and monounsaturated fats. They are nutritious and highly resistant to heating. Macadamia oil for example is really healthy but has a low smoke point. One of the best cooking oil and worldly famous is the olive oil. Indeed, the extra-virgin olive oil is one of the most healthiest oils thanks to its high oleic acid content which reduces the blood pressure and has got anti-inflammatory properties. The extra-virgin olive oil remains fairly stable at low to medium heat temperatures and also includes many beauty benefits. On the other hand, one oil which is really good for cooking, but well known for his beauty benefits, is coconut oil! Coconut oil is the best of the stablest oils at high temperature. 90% of its fatty acids are saturated which unveils antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. This oil is also good for loosing weight; to eat 1 ounce of coconut everyday is good to remove abdominal and visceral fat which contributes to high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease! In a few words, coconut oil is stimulating brain, boosting immunity and strengthening thyroid function. Finally, let's talk about an oil that has been disputed lately: red palm oil. It has the same smoke point than coconut oil and is really rich in tocotrienols (vitamin E) and carotenes (vitamin A). Actually, it even has a higher level in vitamin A than carrots, nearly 13 times more, and makes it one of the richest plant sources of carotenes.

Now you know which oil to choose for cooking. At our culinary school Chef Academy we explain all the cooking process to our students in order to make them  understand that cooking is not just about theories and recipes. Cooking is a live process ! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any information about our school or about culinary news!

Oktober fest: From Munich to New-York

Oktoberfest ended the 5th of October in New-York after 2 weeks of the Münchner festival.
The event took place on the river side close to Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, offering to its visitors the Brooklyn skyline with some dj sets and shows, especially organised for the occasion.
The Bavarian event has been transported from Munich to New-York to replicate the gastronomic experience that Münchners live every year since 1810. Indeed, Oktoberfest traces its origins back to the wedding of the King Ludwig 1 and his wife Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.
Just for the anecdote, the celebration has lasted a week and half after having been postponed 178 times because of health issue on one hand and because of political issues on the other hand, back-atthe-time.Mostly known as a festival where you can try the world's greatest beers, you can also discover another culture and and a traditional German food, such as the famous and well-known
However, there are today some organizations which profit of that big rally to bring to that festival some products unknown from the original event. This year, Oktoberfest has shared a week with a
product that New-Yorkers are crazy about: the oyster.
For many decades, New-York inhabitants have developed a passion for that mollusc. During that week you could go in several restaurants of the megalopolis to enjoy your oyster with a mere pint of
At Chef Academy, we encourage our students to participate to that kind of events related with gastronomy and their professional chef trainings. This is the occasion for them to discover new
cultures, new products, new tastes! But above all, this is the opportunity for them to understand that tradition and products and dish authenticity still persist in the gastronomic field. Those are basics that we try hard to teach at our chefs academy.
If you have any question about Chef Academy or if you are just curious, don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our member of staff will answer you shortly.

Did you say Culinology?

Nowadays, in several fields such as the culinary training one, we hear many new expressions, new studies, new sciences. Today, at Chef Academy, we have decided to look at the term Culinology. What is this new word and where did it come from? Is it another complicated invention from a couple of researchers? We have decided to research further to know more. The term “culinology” is not as new as it first seems. As far as we know It was first used in the year 2000 by the 1st president and founder of the Research Chefs Association, Winston Riley. It was the combination between the words “culinary” and “technology”, that means in other terms, the convergence between culinary art and technologies, such as communications, chemistry, or philosophy for example. This is a culinary art study with a scientific point of view.

The word “culinology” appears after analysis made by Winston Riley to know the courses that were required for a culinary art degree and a food science degree. We can actually see that today, lots of institutional programmes join the disciplines of a professional chef and the ones of a food chemist. This new science allows to add a scientific approach to the taste or the texture of a product, or of a recipe, in order to respect, and improve, the nutritional requirements we must follow on the actual global market. Those scientist chefs have to maintain quality while remaining competitive and inventive. They have to improve the food making the taste better, the aspect better and making Here are the aims of these new scientists chefs: push the limit of what people expect from food they eat in a restaurant or purchase in any supermarket. If you would like to mix science and culinary art too, please have a look to our professional training for chefs “Hospitality Management and Advanced Food Science”, and become maybe one 

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Chef Academy – Train with the professionals to become a professional.

Chef Academy was founded in 2007. After huge success in Italy, we opened our first school in the UK, located in central London. Now we have landed in the USA, ready to train the next generation of Professional Chefs!

Our aim is to train our students to become professional chefs. We offer an effective practical training scheme that gives our students all the tools and skills to start a career as a professional chef. All of our course start with development training to take students through the basics of cooking and the professional kitchen to build a foundation of knowledge. During our courses, students train in the kitchens of our famed restaurant partners with the professional chefs. Students experience working in a live professional kitchen and get an inside view of the restaurant business. Students deal with every aspect of a chef’s routine, from the choice of fresh produce to the balancing of food costs. Students learn all the techniques required to start working right away. The most important aspect and why we believe we teach in the most effective form, is that you are learning from the professionals in a professional environment. We are the only school that offers this kind of training and this is the reason that our students have such a high success rate.

We are currently offering the following courses: Professional Chef Course, Advanced Professional Chef Course and Professional Italian Cuisine Course. You can find more information about these courses on our courses page. What makes us unique is that we can discuss what you would like to achieve and skills that you may already acquire and create a customised course that suits you perfectly.

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Why You Should Choose Chef Academy of New York

Chefs are artists. They are creators and inventors. Although the most proficient chefs use their creativity and intuition to make some superb dishes, they must first learn the fundamentals to be successful. Choose Chef Academy of New York to begin a journey into the exciting world of culinary art.

At Chef Academy of New York, you will be provided with unparalleled training to perfect these skills. Taught by the most accomplished chefs, students are offered a variety of classes including a professional chef course, an advanced chef course and a professional chef course in Italian cuisine. These courses not only teach cooking techniques, but allow the students to learn the basics of working in a professional kitchen.

Choose Chef Academy of New York and be included int the elite program, which is not only professional, but internationally recognized. Founded in Italy and eventually bringing another academy to London. Now, Chef Academy has come to the United States. Chef Academy of New York is among the most reputable of cooking schools. A pleasant and warm atmosphere allows future chefs to cultivate their knowledge while they are introduced to new techniques, management of a professional kitchen and live training with professional chefs.

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Chef Academy of New York

We proudly introduce our Academy for Chefs opening in New York! In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, we are ready to teach you how to become a professional chef and how to adapt to any type of catering environment.

Our programs are of great value and are oriented to highlight skills, custom techniques, team management, and much more!

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Chef Academy of New York

Chef Academy began in Italy in 2007. We then opened in London in 2012. Due to high demand and huge success, we are now expanding to the US. We are the one of the leading professional training academy's for Head Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Managers.
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